Partenariat Climat Montreal

We were asked to create the brand and visual communications for The Montreal Climate Partnership that aims to mobilize over 100 economic, institutional, business, building and transport, philanthropic and community stakeholders to help reduce Montreals’ GHG emissions by 55% by 2030.

Client: Partenariat Climat Montreal & Trottier Family Foundation


Incorporating diversity and multiple colors in the logo conception for this project can be an effective way to communicate the project’s message and appeal to a wider audience. Different colors can evoke different emotions and connotations and can be used to represent different aspects of the project. For example, using green in the logo could represent the project’s focus on sustainability and environmental responsibility.

Diversity also plays an important role in the logo conception, a logo that incorporates multiple perspectives, cultures, and communities will help to communicate that the project is inclusive and open to everyone.

The final Partenariar Climate Montreal logo is a powerful representation of the alliance to reduce the GHG emissions, reflecting its values, goals, and diversity, and being easily recognizable by its target audience.

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