Our Process

As ONE team, we set out to include our clients and key team members at specific points in the creative process. The goal is to align our energy and vision with that of the people who know the business best: you and your stakeholders.


Determining the right strategy and approach requires listening to what our clients are looking for and their objectives. Through ongoing dialogue and open communication, we develop key marketing objectives and define the tools and assets needed.


Collaboration requires skill supported by open communication and the lack of assumptions starting from Day 1. We can adapt to the way you and your team collaborates, or take the lead in making sure everyone is on the same ONE page.


Technology never slows down, and incorporating the latest tools and ideas into our campaigns is a requirement. As we research common practices and the tools available, we’ll share with you our findings and rationale behind any decision.


This is why we do what we do: the fun of creation. We create several concepts and provide multiple options for any campaign before deciding upon one direction to take for final revisions and approval.


We’ll take time to discuss with your team how we can make the creative shine even a bit more — because with multiple minds, we make ONE great mind.


Creation is done and everything is packaged in an easy to use and understand way. The project is now in your hands.


After delivery, it’s important we make sure you and your team know how to use what we’ve provided for maximum effect. We’ll give a comprehensive explanation of every part and answer any questions.


We are ONE team, from Day 1 to long after delivery. If something doesn’t work quite as smoothly as it should, we will give the support required. Our service doesn’t end when the project is delivered.

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