Fulfill your marketing goals with one team and the right strategy.

At Designer Studio, we value unity just as much as each client’s individual needs. Our services can be mixed, matched and customized to fit your objectives — and always come from the same united front of Montreal-based creatives.


We provide customized and consistent UX, brand identity and messaging services — from the experience your users have on-site, to how you interact with them through social media and other platforms.

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Stories are told with more than just words so we add artistic imagery to all we do. We combine sound and images into comprehensive videos. and create video campaigns for any project to make them more engaging.

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We make sure to find the right team members to over see any aspect of a project to complete the job. No project is ever finished as Designer Studio is onboard to ensure training, support, and maintenance.

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Our Process

First, we get to know you, your business and your goals. We then build a strategy that fits, with input from all members of our team and yours from start to finish.

  • We
  • We learn.
  • We explore.
  • We design.
  • We incorporate your feedback.
  • We modify until you’re satisfied.
  • We
  • We provide maintenance and support.

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