The Canadian Electric School Bus Alliance

Create a brand for developing strategies and recommendations to accelerate the electrification of school buses across Canada

Equiterre and Trottier Family foundation contacted us to brand this program and create a website to help toward an Equitable Student Transportation System
Client: Trottier Familly Foundation & Equiterre


The branding design process for an electric School Alliance project begins with understanding the project’s objectives and target audience. Next, research is conducted to understand the competition and existing branding within the industry. From there, a creative brief is developed that outlines the project’s goals and desired messaging. The design team then creates a variety of concept options and presents them to the project stakeholders for feedback. Once a concept is chosen, the design is refined and finalized, and guidelines are established to ensure consistency across all materials. The final branding elements, such as a logo, color palette, and typography, are then implemented across all communications and marketing materials for the electric School Alliance project.

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