EclipX Familly Office

EclipX unveils its brand, a convergence of purpose and excellence, drawing inspiration from celestial alignment during an eclipse. The logo embodies this synergy: the letters merge to symbolize investments, social/environmental impact and purpose, and family. The inclusion of the ‘X’ pays homage to Matrox, reflecting a steadfast commitment to excellence.

The name “Eclipx” isn’t just a play on “eclipse.” It embodies the alignment of our core values. The ‘x’ pays homage to Matrox, a company co-founded by our respected patriarch. Matrox, derived from the fusion of the founders’ surnames MAtic and TROttier, represented excellence with its appended ‘X’. This same spirit infuses the DNA of Eclipx, symbolizing our commitment to excellence in all facets of our mission.

Join EclipX as they embark on a journey where purpose, impact, family, and excellence converge—a mission inspired by the harmony of celestial bodies during an eclipse

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